From July 26, 2021 you can visit us at Prinsegracht 74 in The Hague. We have chosen to do everything from 1 central point. Everything else remains the same and you will still be able to shop, sell or pawn in the same way. Below we answer any questions you might have.

Why are you moving?

We have decided that we can better serve our customers from 1 location. Besides, Prinsegracht 74 has much more space for storage and the shop. So we are ready for the future and you can shop in a much larger assortment in one place!

What is going to change for me?

Actually not so much. What you used to do on the Dierenselaan will soon be available on the Prinsegracht 74.

Until when can I still visit the Dierenselaan?

We are open on Dierenselaan until 24 July 2021. From 26 July 2021 onwards we will be at Prinsegracht 74.

What happens to my products after July 24, 2021?

The products that have been pawned will be moved to the Prinsegracht branch and from July 26, 2021 you can pick them up or renew them at this location.

What happens to a product I have reserved in the store?

You can pay these off at our branch on Prinsegracht from 26 July 2021.

Can I still renew my products online?

This is certainly possible, we will continue to use our online payment system via the number 06-13605688.

What are the opening hours of the Prinsegracht branch?

Mon 12:00-17:30
Tue-Fri 10:00-17:30
Saturday 10:00- 16:30

Do you have any other questions?

Please call us at 070-3050100.